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Just like any hair magazine our aim is to provide you with a selection of the best hair cuts and hair styles for women from some of the top hairstylists and cosmetologists in the world. We feature every hair length, colour, perm, curl, sleek and straight or waved hair fashion look hairstylists can create. The advantage of an online hair style gallery like this is that the hair style images will always be here for you where you can find them easily to print and take to your next salon appointment, so that your hairdresser can really get the picture of what you want. You can even log onto VirtualHairCare at the salon if you forget to take the hair style image with you!

The first collection, on this page of short hair styles, comes from the 2008 AHF Awards and Hair Expo Awards to view the entire award collections or to check out previous years use the link to the Virtualhaircare collections pages.

The latest collection of short styles is courtesy of the 2007 AHFAwards. For more on the featured looks and the stylists that created them use the link:



Previous feature shorter looks:

UK hairdresser Mark Woolley would need plenty of hair gel for this style

The first 4 images in the section above are all courtesy or renounced UK hairdresser Mark Woolley

Pieced out hair sections as in this style would use hair gel to help separate the sections.

Image Heading Out Hair & Beauty Melbourne Australia

Hair Machine in Adelaide South Australia are very prolific with the images they put out to help us with style ideas. The next 10 images are all from this salon group.

When working with short hair you may think you have very few options for changing it from day to day to suit your mood or the occasion. As you can see from the surrounding images short styles can be turned from day to evening looks simply with a little hair spray and a hot iron!

Above an image from Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne, Australia.


Hair by Luana Coscia for Gritti Palace


4 surrounding images from Luppino's Hairdressing, Sydney, Australia.

Courtesy Lee Preston winner WA Hairdresser of the Year 2001 AHI awards

Pic above and to the right Lee Preston, Perth, Australia.

Courtesy Mark Hill British Hairdresser of the Year

Mark Hill, UK.

Courtesy Luana Coscia for Dare & Dare South Australian Hairdresser of the  Year 2001 AHI  awards

Dare & Dare, Adelaide, australia.

Image above and to the left Adam Nobel @ Next, Canberra, Act, Australia.

Our featured salon Hair Machine in Adelaide, Australia has come up with this great selection of looks for us all to choose from:


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